The elements of wellness take the lead in Oasis Design Labs ABW collections, designed to ensure comfort, health, and well-being in the workplace.

Personal well-being is an important factor in creating a wholesome ABW (activity-based working) experience. In Oasis Design Lab’s latest ABW collections, three elements of wellness and well-being are prioritised, including physiological wellness, emotional well-being, as well as spiritual and intellectual wholeness.

A sense of well-being should begin upon stepping foot into an office. Thus, it is ideal to have a reception area and lobby space that leave a good impression and convey a positive feeling. The Hola Reception Solution by Oasis Design Lab fulfils these criteria with its simple yet fully customisable design. Warm and welcoming, the reception design is also versatile, easily accommodating any size of space and interior ambience.

It is essential to have private spaces where employees can work peacefully within an open office setting. The Cabin Pod, an upgraded version of the private pod, now comes with a sleek and sophisticated design along with a range of dimensions to fit a variety of applications. These include a 1-person phonebooth, 1-person work pod, 2-person discussion space, and 4-person discussion area. Constructed from environmentally friendly materials for better indoor air quality, the Cabin Pod also features a special engineered acoustic system.

Collaboration spaces play a significant role to encourage interaction among employees, contributing to higher productivity and morale. Designed to enhance collaboration areas, the Molti Modular Sofa system allows various configurations while creating a fun and functional “playground” in the workplace. Molti also comes with tables, lights, and whiteboards to support different collaborative work requirements.

For chilling out and relaxing, the office pantry is often a popular spot for taking a break. Oasis Design Lab’s seating pieces like the soft cushioned Poise and Lounge Chair as well as the high back Shelter Sofa and Glano Pouf cater towards a comfortable and rejuvenating R&R zone in the workplace.