Since 2010, Unispace continues to revolutionise the creation of the workplace through agile, end-to-end experiences that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s global brands.

Recognising that businesses nowadays move too quickly to rely on traditional, established workplace design and delivery methods, Unispace was founded in 2010 with the aim of revolutionising the way workplaces are redesigned and recalibrated. Through its proprietary, joined-up approach to strategy, design and delivery, the Unispace model allows global brands to access highly efficient and agile development processes, often found in other change-driven and future-focused industries, thus helping them to achieve their goals faster and easier.

Backed by industry leading expertise, Unispace offers agile integrated processes fit for today’s ever-changing global brands, by leveraging its client-centric attitude, workplace intelligence and transformational technology. From ethnographic studies and experience mapping to demographic analyses and cultural check-ups, Unispace combines its global experience with unique local insights to help their clients better understand their businesses.

Cementing its position as an industry thought leader, Unispace also launches original research to help clients make more informed decisions around how they can make better use of their space to elevate the employee experience. For example, following the onset of COVID-19 and the global shift towards working from home, Unispace conducted a study across 237 of its clients around the world to gain insights into their experiences with remote working setups and to better understand how this would impact the future of the workplace.

Unispace is now in an even stronger position to drive workplace innovation through solutions like the Propeller – a new framework for workplace design that was developed to help organisations navigate through the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic. By combining the ease and familiarity of working from home with the collaborative benefits and social nature of the physical office, the Propeller workplace model serves to create an office environment that works harder and smarter for company employees, thus helping clients propel their businesses forward into the new normal

With over 600 employees across 48 locations in 26 countries worldwide, Unispace is leading the way in workplace design, with over 5,500 projects completed to date. With a commitment to creating spaces that unlock the potential in people, Unispace continuously strives towards developing innovative design solutions for a better and more impactful future.

Project: Unispace Sydney
Location: Sydney, Australia
Size: 1,000 sqm
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credits: Unispace