What is the best seating for the office? Oasis offers a few inspiring tips on selecting the right seats to complement different activities in the workplace.

As we move towards new work styles that emphasise well-being in the workplace, seating furniture takes the lead in ensuring workers feel good, resulting in better work performance. Oasis highlights the best types of seating types that will contribute to an improved work environment.

It’s important to choose a suitable ergonomic chair when you are sitting down to do hours of focused work. Oasis’ ergonomic chairs come equipped with adjustable components, including an adjustable seat height, headrest, lumbar support, and armrests to offer optimal support while preventing any discomfort or pain from an incorrect sitting posture. Additionally, Oasis’ height-adjustable sit-to-stand work chair also provides workers with a comfortable seating option, encouraging movement that promotes healthy postures.

For shared spaces or collaborative areas in the office, Oasis offers highly adaptable modular seating systems with different configurations to suit various group sizes. High seats are also ideal for collaboration zones with high tables where smaller groups of people can brainstorm and discuss work matters. Oasis’ latest 2-column high chair provides stability, while a collection of stool chairs complements high bar tables of up to 1050mm.

Every workplace should also provide employees with a place to rest and relax. Lounge chairs or breakout chairs in these resting spaces will create a cosier and inviting atmosphere in offices. Oasis’ range of lounge chairs is available in an array of styles, designs, and colours to meet different interior themes while maintaining a high level of comfort. The brand also offers a vibrant collection of seating options for pantry areas, including lounge height, standard seating height and bar height chairs to create a lively vibe in cafe-inspired spaces.

In the same vein, a sofa works wonders for waiting lounges or quiet spots in the office. Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, Oasis’ sofa collection blends comfort and durability with its strong tropical wood structure paired with high-density foam.