• Office Concept | Kusch+Co > Lupino Black chair

Black Beauty

Black is back in style. The Lupino Black chair embraces this colour trend in a sophisticated way, ... read more

  • Office Concept | Girsberger > Barra Round table

Round the Block

With its lightweight appearance and thin edges, Barra Round appears to float above the floor. However, this ... read more

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Learning Curves

Designed to help learners excel, the Elbrook Table Collection provides work surfaces that support an open and ... read more

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Solo Comfort

Stylish and space-saving, the DOP chair booth offers a cosy combination of comfort and privacy when you ... read more

  • Office Concept | Buzzi Space > BuzziHug privacy booth

Hugs and Blisses

If you cannot decide between having a semi-enclosed privacy booth or an individual stand-up workstation, BuzziHug gives ... read more

  • Office Concept | Girsberger > Akio Steel table

Steel the Show

With its slender steel frame and streamlined wood tabletop, Akio Steel is a minimalist beauty that fits ... read more

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Perfect Curves

The Ola monoshell chair blends European design with beautiful materials to offer the ultimate in engineered ergonomic ... read more

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Bridge the Gap

La Punt, which means “the bridge” in Romansh, is the inspiration behind this space-saving computer desk which ... read more

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Multiple Choice

One chair, many possibilities. The modular design of the K+N NOOK chair allows plenty of configuration options. ... read more