DB&B flexed all design muscles to lift Dematic’s brand visibility and creatively planned a purpose-driven space.

Dematic is a global leader providing a comprehensive range of intelligent intralogistics and materials handling solutions. In 2020, they were aiming to relocate from Paya Lebar to an expanded workspace with an integrated Tech Centre at the newly constructed TSL 101. This new workspace will accommodate a 100% increase in headcount and will feature a hybrid of assigned and hot-desking seats.

With Dematic looking to grow their presence and recognising that innovation is a major competitive driver, they were looking to enable a workspace that will fuel collaboration and teamwork.

Steve Cheung, Managing Director of Dematic Asia, says that the expanded office reflects Dematic’s growing presence across the region.

“We have been increasing our headcount to support our business growth both in Singapore and across Asia,” said Steve. “The expanded office is our Asia Pacific Headquarters and features a Tech Centre showcasing our latest technologies. We now have collaboration and meeting spaces with integrated video-conferencing facilities to better connect with our colleagues, customers and partners around the globe.”

As part of DB&B’s design discovery process, the team conducted an initial site survey that revealed the unique features of the new TSL 101. This new build features unique features such as tiered top hung windows and its 6-metre high ceiling that offers ample opportunities for Dematic to house their innovative automated storage systems.

Inspired by how Dematic’s revolutionary Goods-to-Person (GTP) shuttle technology, DB&B envision the new space to fully reflect the business’ brand values and optimised space planning to support the firm’s forward-thinking capabilities.

The design aspiration of the “INNOVATION BOX” formed the conceptual metaphor. This metaphor which conveys the nature of what Dematic does best, was further translated and applied into three key zones i.e. the Social, the Workspace and the Innovation.

Entering The Social

At the entrance to the Dematic space, one can instantly be attracted to the bold scheme referencing the firm’s corporate colours. Further enlivened with a large TV wall and a world map lightbox panel, a further peek inside reveals the suspended mesh feature to celebrate the Dematic brand.

Choosing to do without the predictable reception counter, a self-automated Visitor Registration Management System allows visitors to self-check-in.

The streamlined entrance leads straight into The Social that features the central breakout space with meeting zones. This effective space planning strategy offers enormous flexibility for Dematic to host a variety of events or meetings.

Capitalising on the high ceiling, the boardroom is elevated to enhance the segregation of space and yet having the flexibility to open to The Social which doubles up as a townhall space.

A significant feature display wall in The Social demonstrates that new technology is not the only form of innovation. Dematic supports customers to innovate by combining ideas, developing and implementing new, smarter processes. This innovative service is arrayed into the many angled modules stacked in an unconventional manner. Each of these modules carries the Dematic logo, corporate graphics in lightboxes, glass displays and a combination of the firm’s corporate yellow and white colours.

At the heart of The Social is the striking mesh-boxed logo feature which is suspended above the bar table. This focal feature fully maximises the best use of the high industrial ceiling. Not to mention, it also proved to be rather ‘insta-worthy’!

Flexible movable seating which can be repurposed to suit different brainstorming or collaboration and training sessions are available at The Social.

Radiating Vitality Throughout

The vitality of Dematic radiates from The Social to The Office through the holistic use of Dematic’s yellow colour as a bold accent throughout all elements of the space.

The design of The Office centres on function – with workspaces flanked by discussion pods and collaboration booths, strategically planned as potential future expansion within the vast, open plan. Furniture selection was one of the key considerations to offer maximum flexibility. System furniture was also carefully curated – the long pedestal offers both storage and seating for impromptu discussions.

Enclosed rooms are lined along the window peri-meters to allow a coherent, open office environment. Having mesh partition panels above the rooms instead of solid walls allow maximum daylight into the general work area. Each mesh partition panels are branded with a graphical landmark cut out of Dematic’s locations across Asia Pacific.

DB&B also answered to the client’s need for acoustics considerations. Throughout this space, the design team exercised discretion in space planning and material selections to minimise and absorb noise. For private conversations, meeting spaces and phone booths were catered for.

Further design features in the workspace include the diagonal suspended linear light fixtures that form an arrow pattern to echo Dematic’s tag line “Power the Future of Commerce”.

Wood textures, matte graphite and the vibrant yellow of the brand distinctly define its identity.

Experience The Offering

Strategically planned at the far end of The Office, The Innovation is also encased in glass to allow visitors to have a complete view of Dematic’s product offerings. Planned with a separate entry point, visitors need not walk through the office space to The Innovation.

The Innovation is also intentionally planned to be placed next to the training and staging rooms, near the cargo lifts for ease of moving large equipment and machines.

The Holistic Vision

For the Dematic space, DB&B knew they had to hold on to a holistic vision to ensure they tick all the boxes as outlined in the project goals. The application of strategic design thinking aims at fully understanding Dematic – i.e. their nature of business and how they work before embarking on the ideation process. This resulted in smart zoning so the space can be purpose-built.

Planning for a multi-functional space will drive space utilisation and enable a vibrant, bold brand disposition.

“It was crucial to find a reliable partner to embark on such an important project. We chose to work with DB&B for the much-needed design expertise and their capability to ensure a successful delivery,” added Steve.

“We are honoured to have supported Dematic in the design and build of their new Asia Pacific headquarters. Moving forward, we are excited to witness how Dematic can leverage on this purpose-driven space to grow further in the region”, says Jeanette Siew, Executive Director of DB&B Singapore.

Project: Dematic
Location: Singapore
Size: 15,000 square feet
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: MarcusL Photography
Website: dbb.com