Conveniently located in TripleOne Somerset at the bustling Orchard Road, The General Room is a stylish and contemporary boutique co-working space featuring sophisticated business meeting rooms.

Designed as an office space that sets out to be run with military precision, The General Room’s name is inspired by an army general who is stern yet effective. The name is also a play on the word “general” to convey the fact that it is a wide-ranging space for the general needs of businesses.

The vision of The General Room is to become a sought-after and attractive business base. The shared office aims to be a place where many things happen, from business deals to networking, with friendly conversations that can spark business insights and ideas.

The co-working office space was conceptualised by the Malaysian company LGB Somerset Investment. According to a company statement, “The General Room extends the persona of a military general and the way a military base is run – with precision, respect and efficiency – into the management of the co-working space.”

Workspaces that customers can use include hot desks, dedicated desks, private rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. Businesses that require a company address for mailing purposes can also use it as a virtual office.

On top of this, customers are also welcomed to use amenities provided by The General Room, including high-speed Wi-Fi, office supplies, cleaning services, use of the members’ lounge, free coffee and tea in the pantry, and free personal lockers.

The General Room also has a high-tech touch, with a one-card system that allows the card user to access the office, book meeting rooms, and print their documents.

In terms of its spatial design, MGroup set out to create a collaborative atmosphere within The General Room by creating a space that is both open and sufficiently enclosed, with the private offices separated by a glass wall.

At the entrance area, The General Room evokes a welcoming feel that is cosy at the same time. Here, the reception and concierge counter adjacent to the long café counter is done up in an open manner while keeping to a classy theme.

The casual seating area further presents a classic modern style, with a pillar that incorporates the company’s digital branding. Every piece of the stylish furniture in the room is custom-made.

In order to execute a professional and modern design concept, the chic members’ lounge is designed with classic black walls, decorated in an updated Art Deco style, with luxurious armchairs and avant-garde hanging light fixtures. Additionally, the walls are all clad with classical panels to give it a classic look.

The space is divided into two parts with different ceiling designs. The front area has a timber trellis ceiling, while the space at the other end has an open ceiling with luxury light-fitting features to emphasise the ceiling details.

There are different seating arrangements to suit clients’ needs, for example, a library table, comfortable sofas, and a long bench. All the furniture in this room is custom-made and imported from overseas.

The second part of the space has an open ceiling, with the centre pillar designed as a tree in a classic modern style of a canopy with a cornice and light bulbs hanging randomly from the top.

Versatile and spacious, the space can be transformed into a town hall for companies who wish to hold an event on Friday nights.

The common corridor and meeting rooms are designed with black aluminium frames and ribbed textured glass panels. Each meeting room is finished with classic panels and has leather seating, creating a luxurious impression.

There are two boardrooms that can be combined into one as well. The centre wall of the room is a heavy-duty acoustic operable wall, which can be folded and stored away in a hidden closet.

Lim Chin Sean, director of LGB Somerset Investment, complimented MGroup for the design of The General Room, “MGroup were creative in proposing the design concepts for the co-working space and ensuring that the designs and details were well-coordinated. They were committed to the project and worked closely with our team to complete the renovation on time.”

Project: The General Room
Location: Singapore
Size: 5,361 sqft
Service: Design & Build
Design Studio: MGroup
Photo Credits: Imagesmith photography