Unispace partnered with Daikin to deliver a new European headquarters in Milan, creating a flexible and diverse space that supports their future-focused team.

Daikin, a company dedicated to pursuing solutions related to the air and environment, partnered with Unispace to create a workplace that reflects the same level of quality and care for their team in Milan.

Daikin secured a new office location in the Via Ripamonti area, providing them with a multi-functional new workspace that supports the holistic connection of their teams, and also brings together operations, events, technology, and a showroom. The new workplace, located within an existing building, is split over two floors and spans over 32,000 sq. ft. of space.

Through developing an end-to-end strategy, and conducting interviews with Daikin’s President and department managers, Unispace uncovered a strong demand for collaboration and flexibility of work settings. The open area on the first floor thus includes 140 dedicated workstations with 45 flexible workstations intended for a mobile workforce. A large central breakout area, characterised by grey and blue tones, vibrant wall graphics, and timber, evokes the feeling of a northern European bistro environment. Furthermore, with the implementation of a multifunctional and reconfigurable partition system, staff at Daikin are able to utilise ‘invisible walls’ to create as many open and closed areas as needed. Such a design not only allows for greater cross-collaboration opportunities between teams but has the added benefit of facilitating discussions, as these double up as writing surfaces or notice boards where needed.

Separately, the mezzanine floor is divided into two wings. The north wing features laboratories and training rooms, designed to test and present new products and their features. The south wing contains a reception area, product showroom, as well as a conference space with a capacity for 100 individuals, including its own lounge and catering function. To better underscore the utilisation of Daikin’s own products in the building, exposed air ducts were also used along with the ceilings of the conference space and showroom.

Daikin’s new European headquarters supports their staff by creating a working environment that not only encourages them to collaborate and be mobile but also presents an organic space to showcase the company’s broad range of products and innovations.

Project: Daikin
Location: Milan, Italy
Size: 3,000 sqm
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credits: Unispace
Website: unispace.com