The Settle lounge chair is designed to move with you, giving you uninterrupted comfort as you switch from one sitting position to the next.

What’s your most comfortable sitting position? No matter how you prefer to sit, the Settle lounge chair from Kokuyo responds to your changing sitting postures, ensuring you are comfortably seated throughout the workday.

Drawing inspiration from today’s new working styles that take comfort into consideration, Settle fits into informal lounges as well as workspaces – thanks to its relaxed appearance. Designed with smooth curves and clean lines, the chair features a unique back design and armrests that cradle the seating pad to exude a highly modern appeal.

Aesthetics aside, Settle has a locking function that intuitively supports different postures. Whether you are leaning forward to work on your computer or sitting back to take a break, Settle provides you with continuous comfort effortlessly. Additionally, Settle’s back seat is equipped with a rotation function to support standing and sitting postures. When you are seated, the chair rotates smoothly in any direction so that you can remain engaged with your surroundings.

As workplaces become more flexible, Settle addresses this need by incorporating low-floor casters to provide mobility and ease of movement. Lightweight yet sturdy, you can easily move the lounge chair around for different activities. Whether it’s the breakout room, staff lounge, collaborative spaces, or discussion rooms, Settle is right at home in any of these areas.

Settle comes in a trendy palette of upholstery colours ranging from warm tones like pale terracotta and olive-yellow to cooler hues like deep green and navy blue. Neutral shades like dim grey, light grey, dark greige and mild beige are also available for a more sophisticated touch. On top of this, you can choose between coated legs or aluminium polished legs to match your specifications.