With its future-ready design, ARTIV’s simple and elegant desking solution brings people and productivity together within a collaborative and inspiring work environment.

Inspired by today’s evolving workspaces, the Artiv system offers a range of dynamic solutions that go beyond form and function. This system allows organisations to envision an office space that better reflects their ethos and strategic goals without compromising performance and style. Above all, Artiv is designed to be timeless and versatile, engineered with the ability to adapt to the future.

In large-scale workspaces, Artiv is the ideal solution for optimising even the most diverse layouts. For instance, although the Artiv workstation system can suit any work environment, the system works well around large pillars – elements that often disrupt the flow within the office. The system can adjust and maximise space usage without creating redundant areas.

When it comes to collaborative environments, Artiv is built for effective teamwork. Versatile and adaptable, Artiv’s linear workstation can be extended to any length as well as different shapes according to client preferences to accommodate larger teams. Tables also come with additional Radial panels, which grant users more privacy and better space management.

With Artiv, workspaces are meant to be dynamic and expansive. This system supports the need for more space and can be utilised to accommodate a wider 120-degree angle for each individual. This is ideal for teams requiring more privacy whilst making workstations more compact and efficient.

What makes Artiv unique is its range of unique leg components featuring ergonomically driven details. For starters, the Artiv Power Leg presents a tapered profile for more complex table applications. Available in straight, angled, curved leg options, it also features fully optimised and integrated wire management within the leg itself with the addition of removable covers. On the other hand, the Artiv Curve leg provides flexibility for a single L-shape table and combines open shelves and sliding door cabinets.

The Artiv system knows how important privacy can be, especially in an open workspace buzzing with activity and conversations. Each workstation can be integrated with partition panel system to create a semi enclosure for better privacy and focus. Flexible yet functional, Artiv’s innovative design rises to the challenge of a new normal work environment.