No matter how your workflow changes throughout the day, the TALO.YOU desk system adapts itself efficiently to suit your task at hand.

The TALO.YOU desk system works with you, offering more flexibility and mobility in your new normal workspaces. This ultra-versatile desk system can be configured into different applications, including individual workstations or workbenches, conference and meeting tables, or a series of nesting tables for open offices. With various options available, TALO.YOU give you the freedom to customise the desk to meet your daily work requirements.

Many of us have the option to work from home now. TALO.YOU individual workstations are ideal for remote working and can be customised to fit your home office, ensuring your workspace blends with your home interior. In an office setting, the workstations can be configured for individuals as well as for teams. With a flexible sit-stand feature included, TALO.YOU contribute to a healthier work environment, encouraging users to switch position between sitting and standing to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.

Regardless of how your work tasks change throughout the day, TALO.YOU nesting tables respond efficiently. For example, if you need a whiteboard for a spontaneous brainstorming session, you can flip up the tabletop and the surface is ready for jotting down your quick ideas. Or, if you need more floor space, simply fold the table down and roll it to one side. There are also various extensions and accessories available that allow you to turn this desk system into a multifunctional element for your office.

For conference and meeting rooms, TALO.YOU conference system offers a myriad of design possibilities with different shapes, sizes, finishes, and colours to select from. The table also comes with round or square tube leg frames to suit various interior specifications. If you need more customisation, TALO.YOU offer a wide range of desktop electrics options, cable slots, cable trays and other accessories to complement your conference facilities.