Smooth Operator

As BODY eases users into a state of comfort throughout the workday, its contemporary silhouette graces modern [ ... ]

Ode to the Ocean

Upstream is the perfect expression of Carpets Inter’s passion in preserving our environment while enlivening our spaces [ ... ]

High Power

Wilkhahn’s AT chair is now innovated with ESP capabilities, making it the perfect partner for height-adjustable desks [ ... ]

Afloat with Panache

A stylish table designed for conference areas and universal workspaces, Barra Work offers modular versatility in tandem [ ... ]

Form follows Function

Highly adaptable and completely versatile, LABORRA creates flexible, communal, and inspiring collaborative environments where people can come [ ... ]

Lessons in Style

Proffering exciting new aesthetic possibilities for all manner of learning environments, the Cila Go collection expands the [ ... ]

Freedom of Movement

With its highly intelligent functions, se:flex tunes in to its user’s form and movement to advocate ultimate [ ... ]

Pure Cantilever Perfection

Styled for contemporary spaces and enhanced with sculptural attributes, the automotive-inspired Metrik chair elevates the classic cantilever [ ... ]

Defy Gravity

Cosm sets a new standard for personalized ergonomic comfort, thanks to its sophisticated design features that adjust [ ... ]