• Haworth | Nia Chair

Active Versatility

Nia’s best qualities are remarkably obvious – intuitive comfort and minimal aesthetics are combined into an elegant [ ... ]

Rhythmic Revolution

Designed with bounce bands that intuitively follow your movements, this is a chair you can lean on [ ... ]

Power Undercover

With the built-in dept of 45mm – the lowest in the market, NETSYSTEM Floor Box P and [ ... ]

Collective Productivity

Designed to optimize the workplace, Myko and Decibel 43 Call Pod offer employees multiple seating and spatial [ ... ]

World of Possibilities

From open meeting space to personal workspaces, Collection B supports different activities with its innovative range of [ ... ]

Above the Fold

Inspired by Japanese origami, OREE infuses simplicity and strength into its highly versatile desk systems to create [ ... ]

Make Your Move

An intelligent sit-stand workstation, ACTIVE.T is designed with multiple well-conceived features to ensure employees stay active and [ ... ]

Refining Workplace Culture

Oasis Furniture presents a range of forward-thinking office solutions that are innovatively put together to shape company [ ... ]

Ergonomic Excellence

Designed for ergonomic optimization, Benithem’s chair collections are equipped with superb features that intelligently attune to the [ ... ]

Future-Ready Workstyle

Leading the industry with new solutions for higher productivity and better collaboration in the workplace, Bristol presents [ ... ]

Informed by Nature

Informatica India chose Interface products again for its latest office interior. As a progressive world-leading cloud data [ ... ]