A vibrant setting to match the energetic and youthful nature of the workplace.

This concept makes use of colours to create a vibrant workspace for this institution. We wanted to give the client an environment suited to the company’s high energy, creativity and youthful nature. We therefore created an open concept design highlighted by the clever interplay of bright colours and white surfaces. Layers of colour saturate the walls, carpets and furnishings, creating a strong visual impact to demarcate different spaces in a fluid transition. A rainbow sequence is created through a series of meeting rooms, open-plan workspaces and breakout areas.

The general workspace itself boasts a total transformation from the previous traditional office configuration – employees now have full flexibility to select from a variety of work settings depending on their activities. The new open-plan environment has different zones for activities like socializing, informal collaborations, formal and private meeting rooms, and various quiet booths for focused working. This new transformation reflects the company’s culture of human connection and engagement.

The main breakout area which acts as a communal zone is further defined by brightly coloured fabric curtains and vibrant wall colours and furnishings which also act as a wayfinding system making the office a now flexible, stimulating and collaborative workspace.

Project: Confidential Agency Office
Location: Singapore
Size: 24,000 sqft
Sevice: Design & Build
Design Studio: SCA
Photo Credits: SCA
Website: sca-design.com