The Manulife office boasts zones to suit every need.

Manulife envisioned an office that would allow employees to feel that they are “living the brand” and arrange their work environment to best suit their needs. The new office, spanning over 100,000 sqft, is designed to improve collaboration between employees, express transparency with clients, and embrace the future strategy of the brand.

Entering the office, we were greeted by a warm and inviting reception area, featuring a harmony of marble and timber, while a nearby green wall adds a natural touch.

The open concept layout encompasses dedicated zones for workstations, communal spaces, work cafés and meeting rooms across all levels. Each zone is strategically planned to strike a balance between collaboration areas and quiet spaces.

A unique feature is the phone booth area’s red/green light indicator on the ceilings to signify availability. To enhance the user experience, the indicator is positioned to be visible throughout the floor plate.

To suit the various demands of meetings and social activities, furniture was carefully selected to sport a bold interplay of vibrant colours, evoking a living room-like setting.

The interiors are completed with environmental wayfinding solutions, sporting distinctive signage to bolster navigation, and cleverly applying the secondary corporate colours of the company to demarcate the quadrants of the offices on all floor plates.

Enhancing the firm’s ethos of interacting with people, a customer-centric experience was conceptualised in the public-facing customer service area. The customer service team welcomes visitors, and consultants attend to customers. Customers can be chaperoned to a more private seating area, behind a metal screen with warm copper undertones and cool stainless steel along with a trim of gold accents.

Much thought was put into the plush waiting area. The seating can be configured to form individual seats with a cocktail table, enabling the area to double as an event space.

An LG colour transparent LED screen faces the busy intersection outside, displaying engaging and vivid content. It blends into the glass walls, teasing passers-by with interactive and appealing contents about the financial solutions on offer.

The lobby on level one was refreshed with a colour palette that complements the finishes with a dash of greenery, together with wayfinding elements that harmoniously enhance the functionality and aesthetic of the space.

Project: Manulife
Location: Singapore
Size: 122,700 sqft
Service: Design Consultancy
Design Studio: SCA
Photo Credits: SCA