Pedrali evokes a vibrant aesthetic at some of the best Italian learning hubs, creating educational spaces that engage students and the academic community in warm and inspiring ways.

Educational institutes like schools, universities, campuses, and libraries are rapidly evolving into fluid, dynamic centres to encompass a wide range of learning activities. In designing these spaces, furnishings play a key role because they can take on various configurations, are flexible and modular, and have the capacity to support a variety of scholarly pursuits. Pedrali understands the need for educational spaces to transition continuously and thus, strives to provide the durability and quality that such spaces require along with modern and functional style.

At the futuristic SDA Bocconi School of Management campus, Pedrali was commissioned to furnish the Materia restaurant and the La Centrale bistro. Materia features an open kitchen separating two areas of the à-la-carte restaurant: an intimate dining nook for internal guests and an expansive communal space for students. Enveloped by wide glass walls, the student dining area features Tivoli chairs and Inga chairs by Pedrali. With simple and essential lines in neutral tones, these unique pieces seamlessly uplift the bright and airy space. For La Centrale bistro, Nolita chairs highlight the space with a steely aesthetic and iconic lines. Together with Stylus tables, Nolita makes the ideal choice to create a warm and inviting ambience for getting together.

Pedrali’s pieces are also the centrepieces at, a post-graduate centre in Milan. For the training room and breakout area, Snow polypropylene chairs as well as Malmö armchairs infuse a welcoming atmosphere for learning while stylish Nolita chairs and tables elegantly line the outside terrace.

To bring out the highly functional design of the Alda Merini Library, Pedrali presents a composition of contemporary pieces for this two-level library. The ground floor, which accommodates the library services and social spaces, feature Babila armchairs in two versions, one with a polypropylene shell and Babila Comfort, the lounge version with a large shell and polyurethane foam padding. Across the library space, the chairs are arranged around Ypsilon tables for a harmonious appearance. On the first floor, Babila chairs are used again to keep the interior theme of the multi-purpose space consistent.