With its people-centric workspaces, finexis’ office is designed with a distinctive touch across several meetings zones, offering employees and visitors an inviting place to work and meet.

finexis, Singapore’s leading financial advisory firm, is renowned for their client-focused suite of wealth management services. The design intention for their new office was clear cut: it should be a welcoming, people-centric space that caters to facilitating client meetings and ensuring optimum productivity. To optimise their 36,300 sqft workspace, MGroup went for an open concept enhanced by various spatial components to accommodate finexis 500-strong headcount.

From the front entrance, the lift lobby leads into an impressive reception area designed with a hotel-inspired ambience. Large slabs of pristine white marble for the floor and signage wall infuse the space with a sleek appeal, while gold-tinted glass on the rest of the walls and ceiling bring forth an elegant atmosphere. In the centre, a white circular-shaped sofa set illuminated by gold ring-like LED lights from the cantilevered ceiling anchors the space, effectively creating a distinctive wow factor in the reception area.

A spacious dining café right across the reception area provides an easy-going place for informal discussions while also serving as an ad-hoc workspace. Towards the front is a sleek white dining table accompanied by upholstered chairs, which adds to the cosy café vibe. The dining area also comes complete with cafe equipment, including a vending machine, refrigerator, chiller, and coffee machine. On the side, a breakfast counter offers visitors and employees a casual chill-out space for a cup of tea or coffee.

Adjacent to the dining space is two training rooms designed with acoustic operable walls. Versatile and spacious, the rooms can be opened up into a larger space for town hall meetings. The training rooms also feature a metal acoustic ceiling for better sound control as well as magnetic whiteboards that double up as projector screens and integrated projectors. Stackable chairs are used to ensure the room can be easily converted for different purposes when the need arises.

One of the office’s key spaces is the central holding area within the meeting zone. The space features semi-circular pods for small-group discussions complemented by cosy seats. The ceiling, which showcases a striking composition of leaf-like cut-outs derived from the client’s logo, creates a strong focal point while incorporating the company’s corporate identity into the space.

For more private meetings, the designers included a discussion zone comprising pods furnished with wall-to-ceiling leather cushions. Each of these pods accommodates 6 to 8 pax and comes equipped with a projector as well as a motorised blind that closes off the pod for added privacy while doubling up as a projector screen.

Project: finexis
Location: Singapore
Size: 36,300 sqft
Service: Design & Build
Design Studio: MGroup
Photo Credits: Imagesmith photography
Website: mgroup.design