A soft, cosy swivel chair that is power-packed with concealed ergonomic features, Marva brings the comfort of home into the work environment.

With office design trends adopting a more home-like concept, Marva comes in to fill the space with its homely yet contemporary design. Designed by Mathias Seiler, this functional swivel chair looks and feels like a chair you would have at home, thanks to its cosy, rounded form. However, it also comes with all the key features you would expect from a truly ergonomic chair, even though they are not immediately visible.

Marva’s homely, casual appeal comes from its soft, rounded shape, which blends well with modern work interiors. Its backrest features a gentle concave that cocoons the body while soft, padded seat and armrests made from PUR foam with large oval tops further enhance the plush feeling of the chair. Whether you lean back or sit up straight, the chair is easy to manoeuvre with its smooth swivel function.

Marva incorporates a concealed synchronic mechanism with automatic spring tension to support dynamic sitting positions, allowing the user to adjust the seat, backrest, and lumbar area precisely. Operating controls are also mounted flush with the seat to ensure a more seamless appearance. The chair comes with a second mechanism option which features an additional fine spring tension adjustment and engageable negative seat tilt. This offers users more flexibility and control when they are seated on the swivel chair.

Multiple armrest variations ranging from 2D T-shaped armrests and 4D T-shaped armrests to 2D ring-shaped armrests are available to provide more design choices. Users can also opt for an upholstered backrest or mesh backrest, available in different colours and fabric types. There are several base options as well: a 5-prong base with castors in black plastic, black aluminium or polished aluminium, or a 5-prong base without castors in black aluminium but comes with a footring.