Step into Accor’s hospitality driven workplace.

Feel Welcome, it’s the most universal, simplest and warmest promise in the hospitality profession. It lends richness and nobility to what is most important in hospitality, opening up to the world and curiosity about others.

Accor Hotel’s customer promise is to make their guests ‘’feel welcome’’, so it was only apt that the brief for their new office in Guoco Tower was to create a hospitality driven, connected and collaborative workplace which makes their staff feel welcome whilst providing an environment that comfortably delivers a warm and friendly aesthetic that resonates across all of Accor’s 15 brands.

Siren was able to create a home for Accor that successfully blends transparency with privacy that embodies what Accor do everyday. The built office environment is balanced with open plan elements and the design offers a sensory richness, layering of textures and local references, that imbue a sense of place and relevance.

The workplace design seeks to connect people through spaces and interactions while maintaining a welcoming, friendly and professional environment.

Key design highlights include sit-to-stand workstations, the use of textured materials and custom rugs and carpets. A fresh and light social-backbone-corridor from reception to breakout energetically activates the space, encouraging easy interactions, and the welcoming spirit of Accor.

With health and wellbeing high on the agenda, attention to ergonomics, movement, biophilia and access to natural light underpin an authentic experience that is at once adaptive, fluid and organic.

Project: Accor Hotels, Singapore
Design Studio: Siren
Photo Credit: Siren