Ingenuity is at its height, as different genres come together fluidly as a creative space.

A foremost AEC company in Southeast Asia, the stakeholders at ONG&ONG had one objective in renovating their Singapore office: evolve the workspace for the people within. It epitomizes an office with a disruptive mindset.

To realize greater agility in sync with the latest technologies, the new office melds all disciplines, promoting seamless work processes. This, in turn, improves the functionality of the workspaces, fostering greater collaboration with long shared tables for hot-desking.

Prior to the renovation, SCA Design worked cohesively to analyze each discipline’s modus operandi. The resulting open workspace eschews traditional concepts of an office, reflecting instead the interconnectedness of an ecosystem.
A series of meeting rooms allows some privacy for discussions, and there are dedicated Building Information Modeling (BIM) areas on levels 10 and 11.

An hotelier’s take on a lifestyle-infused office, IMMORTAL curated the names of the levels to reflect the different interests on each floor – Bar9 to represent a bar concept and for event space, 10dem for the wordplay of ‘tandem’ and for leisure activities, while District 11 positions itself as a luxurious hotel lobby to receive guests; complete with a Living Room and Front Desk.

Textured walls line the staircase connecting all three floors, and washrooms sport thematic wall panels that enliven the high traffic area. Overhead, the ceiling services’ exoskeleton is left exposed for a non-claustrophobic feel, while suspended LED luminaires and downward pendants supply general illumination.

The office’s warm but modern style called for black and white furnishings complemented by splashes of the company’s corporate orange. Along the perimeter, a continuous line of windows offers a panoramic hilltop view, allowing natural light to permeate the interior.

Project: ONG&ONG
Location: Singapore
Size: 3,000 sqft
Service: Design Consultancy
Design Studio: SCA
Photo Credits: SCA