Oasis presents an exciting series of ABW solutions and innovative workplace systems that seamlessly adapts to changing activities throughout the day.

As office design evolves into new configurations to meet emerging demands, Oasis gears up with their trendy yet highly functional workplace furniture solutions. Designed as a complete solution, each of Oasis’ collections blends functional aesthetics with ergonomic features.

Designed for various types of working styles, Oasis’ workstation solutions can be configured to meet specific requirements in an office. For instance, hot desks or the Collection B Workstations are suited for the sales division considering sales employees tend to be out of the office most of the day. On the other hand, acoustic panels or partitions paired with Maxz Manager Tables would be an ideal solution for the account and HR departments which requires more privacy and storage spaces.

To further enhance collaborative activities, Oasis has a wide variety of collaboration-styled solutions. For example, the Board Pod is ideal for private meetings and small group sessions while the Hoop Pod caters to open, informal discussions.

As for the Director’s room, its design would usually lean towards a more sophisticated style to reflect the Director’s status as the head of the company. Oasis presents its sleek and elegant Vittoria Director Table, which comes complete with functional features that a Director might need in his daily work.

Today’s office culture also emphasizes its employees’ well-being. Therefore, pantry spaces or places to rest and relax are essential features in the workplace. The Zaff Pantry Solution by Oasis is designed to provide workers with a cosy spot to hang out, which encourage social interaction and ad-hoc discussions at the same time. This pantry solution can be situated anywhere and comes equipped with space for refrigerators and coffee makers.