The Palo IT office space brims with artistry qualities and can empower and enhance creativity.

Palo IT is a global innovation consultancy dedicated to transforming businesses by embracing new technology. This ethos is directly reflected through SCA’s design of their workplace interiors which breaks the stereotype of the traditional office and embraces new and interesting ideas.

One of the benefits of work-from-home arrangements is greater privacy and a sense of hygge. However, this remoteness is detrimental when it comes to collaborative work. The new Palo IT office interiors aims to create an effective middle ground for their employees by offering a relaxed environment that is still equipped with purpose-driven spaces for collaboration.

The office is designed with a wide array of zones, each fulfilling its own purpose. These are designed to be functional and flexible, adapting to the needs of users. The design planning for the workplace interiors also included a clear separation between lively and calm zones. This means break out areas, communal and recreational areas are on one side of the office, encouraging social interaction, whilst on the other, a calm zone is created for deep working sessions.

In addition to the homey vibe, the designers also decided to bring the outside in via various pockets of greenery, spread throughout the office space.

Project: Palo IT
Location: Singapore
Size: 6,200 sqft
Service: Design & Build
Design Studio: SCA
Photo Credits: SCA