Cosm sets a new standard for personalized ergonomic comfort, thanks to its sophisticated design features that adjust to your body automatically.

You have to sit on a Cosm to believe it: this chair offers more than instant, immense comfort; it intuitively harmonizes with your body no matter how you are seated. Yet another ergonomic masterpiece by Herman Miller, Cosm is the brand’s first task chair with an automatic tilt that puts people’s comfort first.

Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, the studio intended for Cosm to be a gravity-free experience. “To experience Cosm is to forget gravity,” says Studio 7.5. “Comfort is the absence of awareness. You just want to sit down, forget about gravity and get perfect comfort without any adjustments.”

Integrated with the Auto-Harmonic Tilt™ system, Cosm instantaneously adjusts itself to the best height and ergonomic position – there’s no need to fiddle with any knobs or levers to get to a comfortable posture. Unlike conventional auto-tilt chairs in the market which expects the user’s body to follow its mechanism, Cosm does just the opposite – as soon as you sit on it, the chair tilts fluidly to correspond with your body, posture, and seated position. Along with three different back heights and stool options, Cosm also features the industry first’s Leaf Arms™, which precisely cradles your elbow in a variety of positions.

With its “dipped-in-colour” aesthetic, Cosm is a handsome workplace accoutrement for any contemporary office setting. The chair features one hue from top to bottom, creating a cohesive appearance that enhances the sculptural quality of the chair. Cosm is available in six shades – three new saturated hues and three classic Herman Miller neutrals.