This futuristic office mixes curvilinear design, concept lighting, and a palette of sleek finishing to convey connectivity and efficiency in a unique way.

For this aerospace technology firm’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, MGroup envisioned a futuristic workspace that represented the company’s line of business and growing network in the aviation industry.

The client’s brief emphasised a seamless combination of cutting-edge technology with contemporary aesthetics. Responding to this request, the design team infused a dynamically modern atmosphere into the space via the use of a sleek white palette, sphere-shaped rooms with curved wall panels, and a unique lighting concept. The resulting effect is akin to the interior of an aircraft, which subtly alludes to the company’s business nature without going overboard with the futuristic concept.

The sphere-shaped rooms, which accommodate the meeting and discussion rooms, surround the front-of-house area and are easily accessible from the reception and waiting lounge. On the curved wall panels, niches displaying the client’s signage and other business-related paraphernalia add a personal touch to the space. Upholstered seats in bold colours further enhance the waiting lounge with a welcoming atmosphere.

One of the key elements of this office is its distinct lighting design which serves as a visual link between different meeting spaces. Within each meeting room, the ceiling’s coffer lighting feature is designed like neural pathways to depict the company’s core values of connecting people. The lighting strips flow to and from the rooms, linking the spaces together. The LED lighting also changes colour intermittently to signify human movement.

To maintain a uniform look throughout the meeting spaces, the design team employed curved acoustic panels for the walls, echoing back the curved wall panels present at the reception area. Thick black lines that mirror the lighting strips within the ceiling accentuate the floor, while the glass panels are adorned with light blue motifs.

In the boardroom, a large conference table anchors the room to set off a touch of formality. The coffer ceiling detail with coloured lighting strips complements the space, maintaining the futuristic theme. The adjacent discussion room is furnished with black chairs, a white round table, and black carpeting, along with a circular lighting feature to highlight the space.

Connectivity, flexibility, and spaciousness take the lead in this exceptional workplace. Over at the main work area, modern workstations are efficiently placed in a coordinated manner to optimise the space. The entire workspace features a neutral palette that is then enlivened with vibrant colours and creative details. Red partitions enhance the wood surfaces of the tables, while the surrounding floor-to-ceiling white cabinets showcase different geometric patterns.

“We would like to extend our highest appreciation to MGroup for the high level of professionalism and innovative ideas in their design concepts,” the company’s Finance Director comments. “The end result of their work has clearly given us a modern, dynamic, comfortable, and efficient work environment which begins at the reception area. Our new premises have also become a conversation piece with visitors. The entire office layout strongly reflects the nature of our business: connecting people from one place to another.”

Project: Aerospace Technology Company
Location: Singapore
Size: 15,370 sqft
Service: Design & Build
Design Studio: MGroup
Photo Credits: Imagesmith photography