The Rin ergonomic mesh chair combines simplicity with meticulously designed features to ensure a comfortable seating experience throughout the workday.

Grace, beauty, and simplicity: there is a sense of calm elegance about the Rin chair. Designed by one of the in-house product designers for Okamura, Shouichi Izawa, this ergonomic mesh chair offers total ergonomic comfort in the workplace.

Named after the Japanese word rin, which depicts “a dignified state of being”, this mesh chair is a result of Okamura’s meticulous research into ergonomics. The chair aims to provide users with an optimal seating experience that helps maintain an ideal posture at the same time.

With its affordable price range, Rin is ideal for projects that require a high number of work chairs. However, regardless of its price level, the highest quality is maintained, thanks to Okamura’s engineering expertise culminated from their decades of experience, knowledge, and development in the industry.

The word rin, with its multi-layered meaning, serves as the inspiration for the chair’s beautiful form and impeccable features. A graceful silhouette highlights its back while giving the chair a tense line and a gentle curve to ensure correct posture. The back comes with reclining tension adjustment and a reclining range of 22⁰, which can be locked in a pre-set position. For enhanced comfort, a support lumbar along the back reinforces healthy posture while cushioning your body’s core. Additionally, the backrest and seat recline move in sync with each other, taking the pressure off your thighs and increasing comfort. To suit users’ preferences, armrests are adjustable by 70mm, while seat height is adjustable by 100mm.

Featuring a high back with black mesh, Rin is available with or without armrests. The chair also comes with a polyurethane foam seat upholstered in fabric with six colour options (black, grey, blue, green, red, and orange), as well as a 5-star swivel base with wheels for easy movement. The backrest is also designed with a simple hidden handle at the top, allowing you to move the chair around comfortably.