The Maybank Treasury office impresses with its corporate yet appealing interior, thanks to a seamless combination of privacy and acoustic elements along with meeting spaces designed for total versatility.

A contemporary and streamlined corporate space was envisioned for the Maybank Treasury office in Singapore to represent the establishment’s prominence in the global trading arena. As privacy and sound control are crucial in this office, one of the key features is its well-planned acoustic treatment.

Situated right next to the reception area overlooking panoramic views of Marina Bay Sands, the boardroom is fully fitted with acoustic components, which include acoustic control for the ceiling, three-layer thick gypsum partitions with internal rock wool, double layer soundproof glass, and electronic frosting film solution for the glass panels and doors.

Aesthetic-wise, the boardroom features a large marble conference table customised with concealed sockets as well as a cantilevered video conferencing system within the ceiling for a clean and sophisticated appearance. Designed for expandability, the boardroom can be further merged with the adjacent meeting rooms via its operable acoustic panels.

At the reception area, natural marble stone is used prominently to conjure a sleek and modern look. Large Italian marble tiles envelop the entire floor space, complemented by metallic textured glass and warm wood on the feature wall.

For this space, MGroup moved away from the traditional reception counter that is often placed facing the front entrance. Here, an all-white concierge counter is positioned off-centre to afford more space for the waiting area, resulting in an inviting atmosphere while bringing focus to Maybank’s bright yellow logo on the signage wall. This approach also creates a touch of visual balance to the timber trellis on the right where the textured glass wall ends diagonally with a sharp angle. The wood trellis continues all the way to the ceiling and conceals a series of LED lighting strips that illuminate the space with a cosy glow.

Behind the signage wall are two mid-sized meeting rooms and a hallway leading to the breakout area and pantry/cafe. Designed with heavy-duty operable walls, the cafe and meeting rooms can be opened up and combined to form a larger space for town hall meetings or other office events.

Like the boardroom, these meeting rooms also come with full acoustic treatment, including soundproof glass, sound absorption panels, and acoustic return ducting for the air-conditioning system. Adjacent to the meeting rooms at the side corridor, two phone booths designed with acoustic features offer employees a conducive space for focused work or private conference calls.

Project: Maybank Treasury Banking
Location: Singapore
Size: 36,000 sqft
Service: Design Consultancy
Design Studio: MGroup
Photo Credits: Imagesmith photography