Incorporating greenery in the workplace calms the mind, body, and soul and can encourage productivity.

Roche, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives, requested a redesign of their office in Singapore, a space spanning three floors. They wanted to create a working environment focused on purpose and performance while still having a comfortable design to improve their employees’ experience at work. It also had to adhere to the global directive of being a timeless expression of spartan elegance, and offer inclusivity and diversity with some local context.

The result was a minimalistic and muted interior design, without excessive elements. Black or white cupboards were paired with walls of the same tone to keep the monochromatic vibe. Touches of green, coral pink and light blue were subtly introduced throughout the office, some within wall cubbies that doubled as isolated work areas, while others were on the carpets or ceilings. To add warmth, natural finishes like wood were used throughout the workplace.
A moss wall was also included in the entrance area while plants that have low water consumption were arranged throughout the office not only for aesthetics but also as space dividers.

This project proved particularly complicated as during the design process as last year, the pandemic hit and Roche requested for a complete rethinking of the workplace to address a post-COVID-19 work environment. One of the main changes was the increase in flexible working spaces, ones that could be repurposed and reconfigured for a wide variety of use. These include more shared spaces to foster collaboration and socialisation which will bring warmth and energy to the workplace.

Adversely there are also areas with increased privacy like numerous small, isolated work environments, and even sound-proof pods for video conferencing and voice calls. These spaces were separated with glass partitions to still allow light through, creating a sense of openness.

The health and wellbeing of employees have also become a priority at Roche. The working areas were designed for a range of postures – seated, stool height, lounging, perching, standing. Also, the abundance of natural materials and greenery in the office both improves air quality and connects employees to the calming effect of nature.

Project: Roche Diagnostics
Location: Singapore
Size: 62,000 sqft
Service: Design & Build
Design Studio: SCA
Photo Credits: SCA