Digital Empowerment

The Ricoh’s Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore exemplifies the future of workspaces by integrating a smart ... read more

Journey to Wealth

With luxury travel as its inspiration, the Maybank Private Banking suite in Singapore features an imaginative design ... read more

Acoustic Advantage

The Maybank Treasury office impresses with its corporate yet appealing interior, thanks to a seamless combination of ... read more

Gold Standard

State-of-the-art design, quality materials, and impeccable workmanship highlight the Maybank headquarters in Phnom Penh, resulting in an ... read more

High Engagement

With its people-centric workspaces, finexis’ office is designed with a distinctive touch across several meetings zones, offering ... read more

Trading Trends

Inspired by trading concepts, every innovative detail in the Securities Investors Hub is meticulously designed to deliver ... read more


  • Office Concept | Okamura > Rin chair

Beauty in Dignity

The Rin ergonomic mesh chair combines simplicity with meticulously designed features to ensure a comfortable seating experience ... read more

  • Office Concept | Kettal > Phone Booth O

Inner Peace

The Phone Booth O collection by Kettal fits effortlessly into modern offices, complementing existing work zones with ... read more

  • Office Concept | Steelcase > Flex Collection

Flexible Synergy

Holistically designed and highly adaptable, the Steelcase Flex Collection supports a wide range of work requirements for ... read more

  • Office Concept | Okamura > Cynara chair

Beauty of Lightness

With superior lightness and intuitive ergonomic performance, Cynara offers a new dimension of benefits in aesthetics, functionality, ... read more


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