Creative Sparks

With its immersive and explorative design concept, Garena’s new office features a unique collaborative work environment highlighted [...]

Stylistic Expanse

Inspired by the vast and limitless sea, this vibrant corporate office epitomises a perfect composition of form, [...]

Future in Motion

This ultra-modern office takes on a distinctive style designed to achieve a perfect balance of collaborative zones, [...]

Vibrant Identity

A unique visual language with a sophisticated edge highlights this insurance headquarters, but its appeals rest within [...]

Industrial Edge

The juxtaposition of raw materials against a contemporary backdrop is what makes PAND Design Group’s office so [...]

Radiant Success

This dynamic and vibrant office of a leading e-commerce brand reflects the company’s corporate identity as well [...]

Game Changer

Akin to a highly engaging gaming experience, this brilliantly designed office combines a series of unconventional digital-inspired [...]

Bright Beginnings

With its zesty palette, this new office is a shining example of creative attention to detail to [...]

Cultured Perfection

The dynamic mix of cultural infusion and modern materials in this office sets the ideal stage for [...]

Bold Endeavours

Innovation meets creativity in this contemporary office, where vibrant colours and trendy materials elegantly complement the dynamic [...]

Pivotal Angles

Regardless of its size, this highly efficient workspace utilises a strategic rotated design, resulting in bright and [...]

Pop of Vibrancy

A vibrant setting to match the energetic and youthful nature of the workplace. This concept makes use [...]


Lightweight Champion

Beauty, ergonomics, and sustainability are the hallmarks of CYNARA, a superbly lightweight task chair that offers ultimate [...]

Star Power

Thanks to its unique design, NETBOX Starfish is a highly efficient on-table unit to ensure power, data [...]

Lavish Inspirations

Marel combines the performance of a modern work chair with the sensibility of an upholstered seat designed [...]

Natural Movement

Beyond its chic appearance, ingLIFE is a highly ergonomic chair that Sets you in a rhythmic motion, [...]

Dynamic as Nature

The Phlox collection delivers seamless nature-inspired comfort to ensure you are in a state of constant ease [...]

High-style Learning

Pedrali evokes a vibrant aesthetic at some of the best Italian learning hubs, creating educational spaces that [...]

Redefining Tomorrow’s Workspaces

With its future-ready design, ARTIV’s simple and elegant desking solution brings people and productivity together within a [...]

Artistic Functionality

The Monet chair by Kokuyo embodies an artistic sense of elegance combined with the flexibility to adapt [...]


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